Exhibits: 6

3D Models

This exhibit contains digital models of dress artefacts encountered during the research process for the Reframing Vivien Leigh project.

Our 3D models will allow you to get up close to archival artefacts connected to Vivien Leigh held at Topsham Museum and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Devon. 

Exhibition and Project Launch

On 9 February 2020, the Reframing Vivien Leigh project held a public exhibition and launch event at the University of Exeter.

This exhibit includes highlights from the day in images, text and video. Browse to find out more!

Project Artwork

A collection of artwork created for the Reframing Vivien Leigh project.

Research Stories

The Reframing Vivien Leigh research team explored Vivien Leigh's connection to the South West of England across 2019-20.

This exhibition reveals the behind the scenes stories of our research in images, videos and audio. It will take you into archives and museums across the region that unlock new stories about Vivien Leigh's legacy.

Stardom and the Archive conference

The Stardom and the Archive conference was held at the University of Exeter across 8-9 February 2020, organised by Dr. Lisa Stead, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Exeter, with the support of Research Assistant Becky Rae.

This exhibit features further information about and photography from the event.

Vivien Leigh's South West Dresses

This exhibition showcases new research into historical dress artefacts that help tell the story of the unique connections between the South West of England and global star Vivien Leigh.

Not only can you learn about their meanings and uses for Vivien Leigh herself, but also about the work of curators and collectors responsible for preserving them for modern-day audiences.