A page from Dorothy Holman’s scrapbook

This page of clippings is taken from a scrapbook kept by Dorothy Holman charting Vivien Leigh's life and career. Dorothy Holman was Vivien Leigh's sister-in-law through her first marriage to Leigh Holman.

Dorothy Holman maintained this material record of Vivien Leigh's career achievements during and beyond her lifetime, pasting in cuttings such as these to mark memorial events and press coverage about her death.

The clippings here depict members of the Holman family, including Vivien Leigh's daughter and grandchildren, Dorothy Holman herself, and Leigh Holman in the background. DorothyHolman wrote about these events and the appearance of the family in national press in her diaries, which are now held at the Devon Heritage Centre.
Subject Vivien Leigh
Source Topsham Museum
Date 1967-01-01/1967-12-31
Format Photograph
Type Press
Coverage 1960s