Clothes of Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor

This image shows a display cabinet at the Fashion Museum Bath containing two dress items from two famous stars of the 1950s: Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor.

That the two items should appear in the same cabinet illustrates an important connection between the two stars. Elizabeth Taylor replaced Vivien Leigh in the film Elephant Walk in 1953 when Vivien Leigh had to withdraw from filming due to a her mental health. When Elizabeth Taylor took over the role, costumes originally designed for Vivien Leigh were altered for her to wear. The two women are thus linked through both film and costume histories.

The Vivien Leigh item in the cabinet is a wool jacket designed by the Parisien courturier Lucien Lelong in 1947, whilst the Elizabeth Taylor item is an evening dress made of synthetic materials by the British designer Norman Hartnell in 1958.
Creator Lucien Lelong and Norman Hartnell
Subject Vivien Leigh
Source Fashion Museum Bath
Date 2019-09-26
Rights Fashion Museum Bath
Format Photograph
Type Dress
Coverage 1940s-1950s