Conservation record for Gone with the Wind nightdress

This image shows the first page of a conservation record created for the Gone with the Wind nightdress after its rediscovery at Topsham Museum in 1992.

The document records the details of the garment and its condition, noting how it has been constructed and where there are signs of wear and other concerns for conservation. An estimate is given of the value of the item and its period of creation and provenance, and a simple sketch is included to detail how the dress looks and how the fabric falls.

The notes here refer to '19 small silk covered buttons' and an 'A-line seaming' along the back, observing that the garment is 'constructed more as a dress than a night-dress.'
Creator Jane Robinson; Area Museum Council South West
Subject Vivien Leigh
Source Topsham Museum
Date 1993-07-16
Format Paper document
Type Paper document
Coverage 1990s