Sketch of Leigh Holman by Hester Holman

A pencil drawing of Leigh Holman, Vivien Leigh's first husband and brother of Topsham Museum founder Dorothy Holman. The drawing was created by his sister Hester Holman in August 1930, a little over a year before Leigh Holman was to meet Vivian Hartley at the Devon Hunt Ball in December 1931.

Leigh Holman was 28 years of age when this sketch was created. Hester Holman, a talented professional artist, was one year younger than her brother. She died tragically in a riding accident near Teignmouth in 1934.
Creator Hester Holman
Subject Leigh Holman
Source Topsham Museum
Date 1930-08-01/1930-09-31
Format Sketch
Type Artwork
Coverage 1930s