Dorothy Holman - A Life

A pamphlet published by Topsham Museum about the life of Topsham resident Dorothy Holman.

Dorothy Holman was Vivien Leigh's sister in law from her first marriage to Leigh Holman (1932-1940). Dorothy Holman founded Topsham Museum which displays several items from Vivien Leigh's life and career.

The pamphlet, written by Lily Neal, includes material from Dorothy Holman's diaries now held at the Devon Heritage Centre. The diaries make reference to her encounters with Vivien when she was first married to Leigh Holman and when her daughter, Suzanne, was born.
Creator Lily Neal
Subject Dorothy Holman
Source Topsham Museum
Publisher Topsham Museum Society
Date 2006-01-01/2006-12-31
Format Pamphlet
Type Museum Literature
Coverage 1880s-2000s