Letter from Suzanne Farrington to Dorothy Holman

These pages are from a letter written by Vivien Leigh's daughter Suzanne Farrington to her aunt Dorothy Holman, founder of Topsham Museum, in the 1970s.

Suzanne Farrington wrote to Dprothy Holman to ask whether her aunt would be interested in a donation of dress items owned by her mother. Suzanne Farrington describes a black broadtail dress and includes a small illustration of how the garment was worn by her mother. She explains that the dress has been kept at her father's estate in Zeals, Wiltshire, and had been stored by the furrier Maxwell Croft.

Dorothy Holman accepted the dress, which later came to be housed at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) in Exeter. The item is now held in store at the Ark, RAMM's off-site storage facility.
Subject Vivien Leigh
Source Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Date 1976-02-14
Format Photograph
Type Correspondence
Coverage 1950s-1970s